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Paragould Pizza Greats
April 04

Shift N2 Gear April 2023 BlogShift N2 Gear’s location in Brookland sits between Paragould and Jonesboro. That means we’re a great destination for folks from either town who need a great used car. That also means we have access to both towns’ best pizza options. So, if you need to get a fresh ride for your next take-out order in Paragould or Jonesboro, come visit us in Bookland. If you’re looking for a great slice of pizza, here are our recommendations.


Arkansas Springtime 2023 Events
March 09

Shift N2 Gear March 2023 BlogIt is almost springtime in Arkansas and that means it’s a great time to get out and do some traveling. At Shift N2 Gear Auto, we’re as excited as everyone else for the weather to warm up and to get behind the wheel. If you need a wheel to get behind, visit us at Shift N2 Gear Auto! If you need a place to visit, here are some of our top things to do this spring in Arkansas! There’s something for everyone: movies, music, and toads!


Our Favorite Fort Smith Lunch Spots
February 08

Shift N2 Gear February 2023 BlogIf you’re looking for a fresh ride to tackle the morning commute, then check out Shift N2 Gear Auto. If you’re looking for a great lunch to keep your day going, then check out some of Shift N2 Gear Auto’s favorite local lunch spots. Our Fort Smith team shares some of their favorite places to fill up at lunch. Fort Smith has something for almost everyone’s lunchtime taste, so let’s check them out.

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